If you’re charged with a fraud offense in California, a conviction can damage your reputation, result in a county jail or state prison sentence, and require you to pay restitution and substantial financial penalties. I’ve represented people charged with fraud offenses from every walk of life. Many of my clients have never been accused of a crime before and may be successful professionals who simply got in over their heads.

The California Penal Code defines many kinds of fraud, including Internet fraud, identity fraud, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, tax fraud and credit fraud, among others. I’ve established a solid reputation in San Diego for providing tenacious criminal defense against fraud offenses based on skillful substantive and procedural defense strategies and eloquent courtroom advocacy. In my years working as a California prosecutor, I developed a thorough understanding of the strategies, plea offers and tactics that can be expected.

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What the Law Says

We all know that the media is replete with stories of those convicted of white-collar crime offenses serving long county jail or prison terms often exceeding the amount of time violent criminals spend behind bars. Fraud offenses are a form of “white-collar crime,” which often involves professionals or businesspeople who are accused of some sort of financial misconduct.

Fraud is defined under the Penal Code as an intentional distortion of the truth or misrepresentation of material fact. There are a broad number of criminal offenses that impose penalties for fraud based on the specific type of fraud of which you are accused.

A fraud case may be based on state or federal law. These cases can be highly complicated because they may be connected to complex financial transactions. Effective defense of these cases requires extensive familiarity with complex financial transactions and the supporting documentations associated with those transactions. I aggressively defend clients charged with all types of fraud offenses, routinely using forensic accountants to carefully perform a financial analysis in order to develop the best possible defense for your case.

Defense Strategies

If you’re charged with a white collar crime like fraud, I will diligently seek to have the charges dismissed or obtain an acquittal after trial. Where the evidence against you is overwhelming, I will aggressive negotiate with the prosecutor to obtain a reduction of charges or more lenient sentencing.

Where possible, I fight aggressively to avoid the most serious consequences like a term in state prison or a felony strike. Many times I can negotiate for you to attend a diversion program to keep you free from custody and allow you to maintain your employment.

If you’re charged with a white collar or fraud offense in San Diego or anywhere throughout Southern California, do not speak to law enforcement or anyone from the district attorney’s office until you have obtained advice from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

I handle all types of white collar offenses in both federal and state court as well as fraud offenses based on misrepresentation including embezzlement, bribery, forgery, passing bad checks, larceny and perjury. I will use my experience, skill and resources to make protecting your rights and future a priority.

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