I’m committed to getting my clients the best legal results possible. Here’s what they have to say about their experience, in their own words.


As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I’m extremely committed to getting the best legal results possible for my clients, and I believe that shows in my clients’ experiences. Here they are, in their own words. You may also find more reviews on Yelp, Google+ and Avvo.

Benjamin got my DUI dropped to a wet reckless.

I got stuck in a DUI checkpoint back on St. Patrick’s day, blew a 1.5. I searched through a bunch of attorneys online. I called a couple, but I kept getting secretaries who told me their boss would call me back. Never heard back from any of them. I went back online and I found Ben and his secretary put me right through to him.

Ben was great, he got my DUI dropped to a wet reckless, which meant I still got to drive to work and back (so I got to keep my job!). I guess he used to be a DA or something so he already knew how the state was going to come at my case. Plus he was friends with the guy prosecuting my case.

I feel like that helped a lot because the prosecutor was really open to me cutting a deal. I’d be careful going with an attorney who doesn’t know the other side like Ben did, it changed the whole situation.

I guess he used to be a DA or something so he already knew how the state was going to come at my case.”

Ben was really active on my case, he called me often just to make sure I was up to date on the progress. I’m never driving drunk again, but I’m only calling Ben if I have anymore problems. —Ross Y.

I would probably be in prison now without Benjamin.

I would probably be in prison now without Benjamin.Ben saved me from doing serious prison time for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. I’d never been in trouble with the law before, but in college I was arrested for cocaine possession. I had just over the amount for possession for sale, even though I wasn’t selling and the cop charged me with it. No one in my family has ever had more than a speeding ticket and I was looking at real incarceration.

After my parents bailed me out of jail we went to find an attorney. Ben was like the 4th guy we talked to and the 1st one who actually called us back himself. When we finally met face to face I really liked how straightforward he was. A couple of the other lawyers tried to tell me that we should just go straight to trial (the most expensive option) and hope for the best. Ben didn’t try to gouge me. He told me right from the get go what my options were and what the DA was likely to offer. Sure enough, their offer was basically what Ben said.

The DA offered me to plea to simple possession and take PC 1000, which is this special counseling treatment sentence. I think she was extra easy on me because Ben knew her. I know I could have ended up with a lot worse sentence, In fact I probably would still be in prison now if I hadn’t had Ben represent me.—Craig R.

I kept my job because of Benjamin.

I hired Mr. Theule as my attorney after I received my first DUI last year. I was pretty impressed from the start because he returned my phone call less than an hour after leaving him a message. I’ve been arrested before and with my previous attorney I spent more time talking to his secretaries than I did with him. Mr. Theule though, was willing to move his schedule around to work with me when I needed him. He was there with me at every step of the case.

After I told Mr. Theule about how I ended up with the DUI, he was real honest and to the point with me about what my options were. I figured he was going to promise me whatever I wanted to hear, like my last attorney, but he didn’t. I blew a .14 with the officers and Mr. Theule let me know that the best I could possibly get was a wet reckless (less serious than a DUI). It took guts for him to be that honest, he could have just lied to be and said we could beat the charges, but he didn’t, which I really valued.

I think the fact that Mr. Theule used to be a prosecutor helped a lot because he already knew the judges and prosecutors. The prosecutor kept sweetening the deal, but Mr. Theule has gone through a bunch of DUI cases and knew exactly how light of a sentence we could get. At the trial he knew the DUI laws like the back of his hand, and the science behind DUI testing. I think that had a lot to do with the state offering me a wet reckless deal right before the jury was going to deliberate, which I took.

After I told Mr. Theule about how I ended up with the DUI, he was real honest and to the point with me about what my options were.”

After everything, Mr. Theule had my DUI dropped to a wet reckless, which allowed me to get a restricted license, which Mr. Theule helped with too. Having that restricted license kept me from losing my job, which I wouldn’t have been able to do without him. —Chris S.

Our life is back on track thanks to Benjamin.

Our life is back on track thanks to Benjamin.Benjamin Theule came as a blessing. He really took an interest in our case. He would even call sometimes to see how we were holding up. Mr. Theule was aggressive and fought for us every step of the way. He kept us well informed about our case as well as exploring every option.

Mr. Theule fought for us every step of the way.”

We had a felony fraud case with a insurance company. This would have affected my wife’s job and would have sent us into a spiral of despair. Mr. Theule took our case and lifted this burden and now our life now is back on track and we could not be happier.

I have to say, you really feel like this guy is on your side and by your side at all times. So if you are looking for a attorney to take on your case as his own and more importantly get the job done, I would give him a call. —James L.

Benjamin kept felony charges from ruining my life.

I was charged with felony domestic violence. I contacted Benjamin Theule about legal representation and couldn’t have asked for better. Immediately he let me know he understood my position and was 100% dedicated to working in my favor to resolve this case rightfully.

Within 48 hours of contact, he had already had my case dropped to a misdemeanor and my court date figured around my work schedule. A lawsuit against me was also filed stemming from this case and Ben had taken care of that as well, and had it dismissed almost immediately.

He worked constantly on my case and kept me updated every day about new updates, new information and his work completed.

Within 48 hours of contact, he had already had my case dropped to a misdemeanor.”

By the end of November 2011 I had my case resolved with 52 week classes and 18 month probation. Benjamin is a great attorney and I would recommend him to anyone in a similar situation or any legal situation. —Mike S.

Benjamin got us a great deal.

Benjamin got us a great deal.My fiancé was charged with assault and several gun charges. We were referred to Ben by a friend and we couldn’t be happier with how he handled everything.

Ben kept us informed every step of the way. The DA didn’t even file charges right away but Ben kept checking over and over again for us. When the charges were filed, my fiancé was facing multiple charges including a possible strike under California law, a restraining order, and the possibility of never being able to own a gun again.

Most other lawyers would have told us to just be happy it wasn’t worse. Instead, Ben listened to us and fought for my fiancé’s rights. Ben got the restraining order and the strike taken away, and probation and community service for my fiancé. Best of all, Ben negotiated a great deal that allowed my fiancé to keep his 2nd amendment rights.

Ben really listened to us about what was important instead of treating us like he knew what was best and we should just shut up and do what he said. He was always very respectful and was great about keeping up communication unlike a lot of other lawyers who take your money then ignore you. If anything ever happens in the future, I know Ben is the first person we’ll call. —Tiffany ‎